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Board Game News
Creating GamesCreating Games   January 22, 2017   1751  
We want to show you our board game: Day Night Z.   We have been working hard the past years to develop this game and now, we are ready to launch it on kickstarter we are live now. Here’s the link to the campaign.
Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta
Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   January 18, 2017   2718  
F:AT, You Done Good!
SteamdeerSteamdeer   October 19, 2016   1649  

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Wizards and Unicorns

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October 15, 2016
Kickstarter End Date
November 15, 2016
Wizards and Unicorns is a fast paced card game about battling unicorns, wizards, unicornwizards, elves and pegasus set in the city of Magicanopia. You dive into the role of one of them trying to gain control over the Sigma Stone. In order to achieve this, you try to gather fans among the wizards in town. In a match of Wizards and Unicorns with 2 up to 5 players you battle with your foes for fan markers by playing Showtime Cards and hoping to keep them on stage....
Canasticus GamesCanasticus Games   September 28, 2016   1256  
Canasticus Games Launch New Personalised Fantasy Card Game on Kickstarter
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Hex SinisterHex Sinister   July 24, 2016   1430  

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Star Wars: Armada - The Corellian Conflict Campaign Expansion

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Join your friends in open warfare to decide the fate of the Corellian Sector! The Corellian Conflict campaign expansion for Star Wars™: Armada allows you and up to five of your friends to wage an epic campaign spanning multiple fleet battles. Take sides with the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance, then vie for key hyperlane routes, seize vital shipyards, and establish new bases. Victory depends on your team’s ability to control vital worlds while crushing your foes in battle! The Corellian Conflict also introduces twelve objectives that expand upon the challenges presented by the objectives...
728 results - showing 6 - 10  
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