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TOPIC: Let's Talk: 40K

Let's Talk: 40K 11 Sep 2017 13:54 #254061

In line with what you just said, we're talking here about lists and I rant on efficiency from my experience, but this is totally not the way I build my army, nor the way that I play.
My whole thing is painting the models I like and then making them work on the battlefield. I become sort of aware of what works better or worse through playing, not analyzing the stats. And, by the way, this totally works at least for 700-1200 pts, in a sense that when I lose a fight, my immediate thought is not "I should change my list", but "what could I have done differently with my dudes?" Which is why I like 40K better than AoS (where I often have the feeling that I am playing a list vs another list, as opposed to, you now, a battle).
At 1500 it becomes trickier. I notice that I have little in terms both in terms of armor and reliable anti-armor. My Taurox Prime is a good anti-tank, but it is glass cannon of sorts, and kind of the same applies to those scions with plasmas. Usually, if by turn 2 my opponent still has significant armor capabilities, I am usually toast. I should probably add another 1-2 Tauroxes Prime to have a reliable anti-tank force, but I just don't want to a) paint them, b) introduce myself as a Taurox Prime-spammer.
I'm thinking one Basilisk, because big cannon and I used those a lot in Dawn of War games. And because you guys are already doing tanks.

By the way, here is the 1000 pts list I used the last couple of games:

2 Commanders
1 Tempestor Primer w/ rod
1 Lord Commissar
4x cadian squads (1 lascannon, 3 heavy bolters, different special weapons)
2x scions (10 men each, 7 plasmas and 1 grenade launcher between the 2)
1xBullgryns (Slabshields+Mauls)
1x Vindicare Assassin
1x heavy team (mortars)
1x Taurox Prime (2 autocannons, battle cannon, storm bolter)
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Let's Talk: 40K 13 Sep 2017 22:17 #254213

So I checked around and for the size of my city it is absolutely stunning how few places there are to play 40k, I lived in a town 1/10th the size and the scene was double where I am at now. But that won't stop me from building up a small force for the time being. Something else that is stupid is the lack of available plasma guns floating around for conversions, even if I wanted to pay bits stores premium prices they are pretty much all sold out. For the time being that means my meltas will count as plasma in my 500 point list.

I know I am in the minority but I love building and converting my old metal minis over plastic or resin, I feel more accomplished like it came from a creative place and not just sticking two pieces together from a directions sheet. To that end tonight I based and converted a Scion Prime and 5 man Scion squad with sgt. with plasma and two dudes holding meltas. (Are we putting non-painted but converted models up in the painting thread? Any interest in that?). Tomorrow I will likely prime them and hopefully paint them up sometime this weekend. It Begins!
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Let's Talk: 40K 13 Sep 2017 22:43 #254215

Plasma is pretty hot in 8th, in general. Could explain the scarcity.

I'm a "build by instructions" guy.. haven't really had the desire to convert anything. It was a Big Deal that I wanted my Redemptor to have more of an in motion pose. It looks OK, but I almost fucked a leg up completely.

My AM stuff is arriving. Built one of the Leman Russes today, I love that little thing. Just slightly whimsical.

I think I'm going with Scout Sentinels in my batallion. They cost less than armored, but they get the 9" Scout move. I'm thinking about heavy flamers on them (auto hits since they'll be out of range of any assistance) and chainsaws because chainsaws. I also kind of like the open top on them- I want to see the dudes as much as possible in this army, they have so much character.

But yeah, both the cheaper than average Start Collecting and Cadian Defense Force came mysteriously straight from GW with full price invoices in the box. Very shady. I think I should report it.

Deciding on which way to go with Tyranids, I really want to stick to the "Nidzilla" thing other than what the Tervigon births. Probably go with:

Hive Tyrant (winged)
Old One Eye
Tervigon (pregnant with 20x Termagants)
9x Warriors
2x Carnifex
3x Venomthropes

Start Collecting comes with Gargoyles so they may go in there too despite not working with the big fuck-off monster theme. The only thing is that the big fuck-off monsters are big fuck-off expensive. I would like to get a Tyrannocyte too, I like the idea of a big blobby bio-drop pod.
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Let's Talk: 40K 13 Sep 2017 23:36 #254220

That's because now there's no risk at all if using the standard shot, which is more or less on par with the old plasma.

The start collecting for Nid is very weird, should have been gaunt or hormas. My theory is that they actually trying to phase out lots of old models that are not moving. The discount sets (start moving, troop + transport) seem to do that.
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