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Rants & Raves
MattDPMattDP   January 08, 2018   9762  
It is December, 1984. The sky is a gray slate, the air damp and cold. But I am aglow with excitement. As an 11 year old, newly-minted gamer I am about to visit my first proper game shop. It's a little way out of the Norwich city center streets I know, so my Dad guides me, eyes rolling with loving exasperation. At school, a friend has told me what to expect. There will be racks of games and miniatures in "blister packs". I ask my friend what this is: he explains the figures...
Rants & Raves
MattDPMattDP   October 23, 2017   1987  
Early in this year I set myself a goal of playing through as many innovative games as I could. I gave a shout out for candidates, picked the most popular options and got playing. It's taken a long time but the goal was and worthy one: to try and recapture the excitement of discovery in a new game. It's something I seemed to have lost, and I wanted to find out why: was it me, or was it games? Most of all, I just wanted it back. As the leaves turn golden and the nights draw...
Up Your Game
MattDPMattDP   July 24, 2017   2707  
Regular readers will know I have a bit of a foam fetish. I’m sure it started when I discovered a hand-painted figure I’d slaved over had worn, even through a coat of varnish. Now I’m not happy with anything painted, no matter who painted it, unless I can be confident it’s cushioned in acres of sweet, soft foam. This proves a bit of an issue if you start collecting Fantasy Flight’s pre-painted Star Wars miniatures or, indeed, miniatures of any kind. For a lot of games regularly-shaped foam pockets are sufficient. They’re great for storing X-Wing...
Trash Culture
engineer Alengineer Al   July 05, 2017   2200  
Stanislaw Lem made me fall in love.
Gary SaxGary Sax   July 03, 2017   2218  
Ages ago I had a article series where I took games in my collection and thought about them via the one mechanic I think defines them.  Today I’m going back to that with Comanchería from GMT Games.
739 results - showing 1 - 5  
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