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The Adventuring Party Expansion
U ubarose Updated January 05, 2019 749   0
The Adventuring Party has arrived, bringing four classic adventurers to the Wildlands. Play as a thief, a wizard, a cleric, and a barbarian, asserting your dominance over your opponents and immortalizing your status as fantasy favorites. A word of warning - these characters don't like to be left out, and will invade your game whether someone is playing them or not, stealing your treasure and punching anyone in their way.
Space Base: The Emergence of Shy Pluto Expansion
U ubarose December 07, 2018 584   0
The Emergence of Shy Pluto is the first installment of Space Base Saga Expansions. This expansion to Space Base is a collection of story-based scenarios that introduce new content to Space Base via a narrative structure. Not only are new ships added, but new scenarios are included as well. Once the story is completed, it may be replayed, or the contents may be added to your Space Base core set.
Tiny Towns Board Game
U ubarose November 28, 2018 515   0
The peaceful forest folk have created a predator-free zone, and now they wish to build a thriving community based on the advice of their mayor. The area has limited space, and necessary resources are hard to find. The mayor will have to be clever to allocate needed items to the most productive projects.
Toad Hell
MB Michael Barnes Updated November 20, 2018 585   0
Our most blasphemous and transgressive holiday tradition returns in its 8th year.
The Quest for El Dorado: Heroes and Hexes Expansion
U ubarose Updated November 13, 2018 602   0
The Quest for El Dorado: Heroes & Hexes includes three new double-sided terrain tiles that add a new element to the game: curses. When a player stops on a demon space, they must draw and reveal a curse token to see how they're affected. Maybe they have to discard certain cards before they can travel on a particular type of terrain, or perhaps other explorers will move while the cursed one is paralyzed, or maybe you'll be afflicted by a demon, specifically a demon card that's shuffled into your deck and does nothing but frustrate you or get transformed...
Winds of Change: Gale Force 9 Veterans Form New Game Company - Monster Fight Club
W WadeMonnig Updated November 03, 2018 754   2
John Kovaleski, Aaron Dill and Peter Przekop combine to create Monster Fight Club
Hunt for Blackbeard : A Simulation of the True Events of 1718 added to GMT's P500
R repoman Updated October 30, 2018 908   0

Game Information

Hunt for Blackbeard is a two-player boardgame that portrays the effort in 1718 by the colony of Virginia and the Royal Navy to track down the notorious pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach) as he sought refuge in colonial North Carolina. It features the historical events, places, and personages involved in Blackbeard’s demise 300 years ago, and the real-world challenges of “golden-age” piracy and pirate hunting.
The Rise and Fall of Anvalor
U ubarose October 26, 2018 1071   0
In the region of Aqshy, even if your uneasy allies place their resources in the perfect place, your mutual enemies can be strong and unpredictable. You'll build resources to block your allies from developing their strongest options, and they'll return the favor. They'll weaken enemies and you'll try to deliver the killing blow. Each turn will provide many choices, so you'll get to pivot as you learn the strategies best suited to your common enemy as well as your allies. One thing's for certain - whether Anvalor survives the siege on it or not, things are sure to get...
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: A Board Game of English Magic
U ubarose October 26, 2018 911   0
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell has players compete to become the most acclaimed magician in 19th Century England, while also accumulating enough power to take on the mysterious gentleman with the thistledown hair. Players must balance social engagements, impressing peers with magical feats, collecting rare books, and developing their magical craft.
Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game open for pre-order
M MattDP October 04, 2018 694   0
An iconic franchise but a quick scan of the website reveals no details at all.
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